Diddy Disciples

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The resources below link to the relevant part of the Diddy Disciples website.

Diddy Disciples provide great creative stories, songs, and prayers to use with your children, all based on Bible stories and prayers of the church. There are podcasts and recordings to use with your children.

Prayers Through The Day

Praying together as a family is so important at the moment and children find routine calming when the world is changing around them. These short times of prayers are designed to make family prayer times simple and sustainable. Choose one or two prayers and aim to say them around the same time every day. Bring your cares, feelings, thankfulness, fears, sorries, and prayers together to Jesus.

Build Your Own Diddy Disciples Worship

Use the audio resources here to build a time of worship in a pattern that can become familiar to your child. If you’re used to using Diddy Disciples worship in your local church, try and find the pattern that you usually use there

Diddy Disciples Stories for April and May 2020

Jesus is Alive! Alleluia! (the Easter Season)

Little Lights Podcast

Letting your little light shine in lockdown!
For schools and families looking for storytelling from the Bible that can be relevant for many children of diverse faith or beliefs.


We’re praying together for the Holy Spirit to come, just like Jesus’s friends the disciples.

Stories for Strange Times

In a time when everything has changed, telling stories together as a family can help children (and adults!) make sense of the world around them. The Bible has some wonderful stories that can speak to us during these strange times. Choose from one of these short interactive times of storytelling and let the audio track lead you in telling the stories together. Remember children love repetition, so don’t just tell these stories once! Tell them ‘Again! Again!’ until they become your family’s stories!  The Creative Response suggestions provide more opportunities to reflect on the stories through craft and art.

Prayers and Songs for Babies and Toddlers

Use the audio resources here to build a time of worship in a pattern that can become familiar to your toddler or baby.