Prayers for when you can’t get to Church

Perhaps you find it hard to pray at home? You aren’t alone in this, but we hope this booklet will help.

Being stuck at home can be boring, frustrating, or lonely, even if there are other people in the house with you! And if you are very unwell, or worried you might become so, it can be frightening, too. God is with us in these situations, whether we are conscious of his presence or not. Remembering this, and relying on him in prayer, can help you to keep going.

In normal circumstances, we are pleased to arrange for sick or housebound people to have communion at home, but where quarantine/ self-isolation rules are in place, this won’t be possible. But Common Worship reminds us in its liturgy for the sick that “ Believers who cannot physically receive the sacrament are to be assured that they are partakers by faith of the body and blood of Christ and of the benefits he conveys to us by them.” Illness – or self-isolation – can’t separate us from Jesus’ love.

We hope these notes will give you some ideas about how to maintain and deepen your faith and your prayers. God wants us to turn to him in all our troubles and perplexities, even if we can’t always find the “right words”.
And remember – the rest of the church is praying for you!

The North Wakefield Benefice Ministry Team.